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It is our goal to enable every company to know and understand the entirety of their information flow, from their IT system all the way to the user. Where classical documentation, process models, system diagrams and architectural plans fail to deliver accurate or reliable statements, we succeed. We deliver detailed, up-to-date insights as well as the necessary big-picture perspective.

Our product, ID Suite, was designed to connect to and analyze nearly any IT system with the help of our intelligent technology. In doing so, we access only those parts of the system that deliver structural, procedural or operational information. The actual data (customers, contracts, contact history, etc.) remains untouched.

In 2012 Gartner named InfoDyn Cool Vendor in the field of "Information Governance and Master Data Management" in recognition of our innovative product and inspired ideas.

We have yet to meet a company that could claim to fully know and control its own IT infrastructure.

But we have experienced the enormous advantages that accrue to companies that possess this capability. We provide you with the software modules that make it possible.