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ID flow viewer

Overview of All Information Flows Between Applications

Growing competition and increasing performance pressure place enormous demands on how companies manage data and information. The movement of data and the rules for exploiting it grow more complex and comprehensive every day. Compliance as a synonym for SOX, Solvency II and Basel III as well as internal governance rules represent additional requirements that must be complied with at all times. Furthermore, every CEO or CIO wants to sustainably increase the performance of his or her organization. These are great challenges; to overcome them, you need great tools.

Graphical Representation of all Data Flows on Multiple Hierarchy Levels

The four-level graphical representation enables quick, comprehensive navigation through systems, applications and their components, all the way to unified entities and their attributes. Incoming and outgoing data flows are represented on all levels. Detailed analysis of all transformations is possible.

Browser-based User Interface

End-users can use the graphical interface without installing additional software. A standard web browser is all that is required to immediately begin navigating through the metadata.

Access Control via Groups and Rights

The integrated rights management system ensures that users only receive access to metadata that they have the rights to. Flexible options enable administrators to hide entities for certain users; annonymized data presentation is possible.

Time-controlled Metadata Import

Importing and analyzing metadata is configurable in ID flow viewer. A scheduler ensures that the metadata import process runs regularly at the chosen time.

Search and Filter

Comprehensive search and filter functions enable flexible access to the entire metadata pool. Settings can be saved, meaning that it’s possible to return to previously used views or data sets via the same graph whenever necessary.

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