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ID environment manager

Standardized Deployment Process: Robust – Package-Oriented

Being required to carry out a series of inconvenient and time-consuming steps in order to deploy updated software components is hardly advantageous - especially if you need to do so for every application, tool and environment that you work with.

ID environment manager will help you establish a robust deployment process for your company. This will enable you to have a unified process that covers diverse applications and components.

Developers synchronize completed objects in work packages; deployment managers roll out the contents of the work packages to various target environments - all without needing to know the access codes or the individual commands necessary for each process. Simulating a deployment provides an overview of the intended changes in the target system before even a single line of code has been altered.
The central user management and rights management system provides exactly the level of access security you need. All users work via a standardized browser-based frontend that displays only the content that is necessary and approved for their specific roles.



Currently we support natively many products from Informatica, the popular DBMS (Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, etc.) and file systems. With the Automation Framework you get the possibility to connect to or integrate additional tools (ticketing system, source control systems, etc.) and technologies (Teradata etc.).

Central Repository

The central repository creates complete transparency and traceability: it saves all deployment objects with reliable versioning and historizing; all actions are recorded in the activity log.

Configuring All Environments and Task Separation

The ID environment manager enables the centralized administration of all environments - all access data are thus bundled together and securely saved. Every IDem user can complete his or her tasks without knowing even a single password. This is a decisive advantage for deployment to production environments.

Release Management

Obtain an overview of the contents of every individual release. In addition to scheduling and planning, detecting and documenting every change to the target environment is also essential. Release managers thus gain complete control over the objects that are rolled out, the environments that are effected, what the results are, and who is responsible.

Approval Prozess

The optional approval process ensures the correctness of deployments and also ensures that compliance guidelines are adhered to.

Overview of Software Deployment

After rolling out objects to various target environments, IDem reports the status not only of the deployment as a whole but also each individual object. The result of the deployment for all objects is visible at a glance and can be published as a list.

Rollback Possibilities

If errors occur or warnings appear during a release, the deployment process can simply be restarted because only the changes that were not confirmed will be repeated in the target environment. If there are problems in the target environment that cannot be resolved and the release manager needs to rollback the release, ICem supports that as well.

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