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We are continually expanding the possible uses of ID Suite by developing new modules based on the needs of the market. We always strive to create highly efficient solutions that make the user’s daily work easier. Furthermore, the active use of metadata is of central importance in most of the new modules. Examples of the "active use of metadata” include the creation of new software artifacts or the combination of metadata of diverse types to create new knowledge. If you’re interested in the new modules, please contact us via the contact form.

ID development workbench

The ID development workbench primarily supports development work in corporate IT departments and business units, helping them carry out their duties efficiently and sustainably with the highest levels of quality.

Templates based on IT and business unit requirements are used to automatically generate data integration jobs and database objects. "Best practices” are always carefully considered and followed in the course of new and further development.

ID operations cockpit

In complex environments there are a wide range of processes that run on a regular schedule or that are event-driven. It is often difficult to monitor and control their temporal and technical relationships.

The ID operations cockpit supports IT departments as well as business units in monitoring processes, analyzing problems and documenting processes and their relationships.

ID optimization studio

The ID optimization studio module enables the automatic optimization of ETL components, mappings and workflows with regard to programming patterns. In addition to improving the quality and maintainability of the ETL components, processing speed is also optimized.

ID analytics

ID analytics manifestly increases transparency and enables more precise analysis of IT processes. The ability to automatically create thesauruses and reports from metadata represents just one of a range of powerful features. Furthermore, intelligent algorithms help bring transparency to technical terminology and specialist language.

ID migration manager

To ensure the greatest possible flexibility, most companies strive to maintain independence from specific tools and providers in the areas of data integration, data retention and business intelligence. This module enables the automatic conversion of mappings and data transformation processes between various ETL tools as well as the migration of database content from a DBMS to another DBMS.