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Project Management

Equip your employees with a tool that will help them complete their tasks more easily and more reliably. Use our solution to automate the processes that involve a high degree of manual labor—and thus increase quality at the same time. We enable you to use a single solution for different systems and software tools. Keep everything in perspective and under control when it comes to the process of software deployment.

Quality and Software Deployment

You need a flexible and transparent solution in order to craft a more effective and secure system for software deployment? ID environment manager makes it possible for you to refocus your internal development efforts and rely instead on a standardized, reliable software solution—enabling your specialists and tool experts to tackle more important challenges.

The separation of tasks and process steps based on respective areas of responsibility is an additional advantage. This ensures that each team member only carries out the process steps that he or she is authorized to perform. The high degree of automation of our solution not only increases security but also yields significant savings. We will be happy to calculate the concrete ROI for you.

Additional advantages, like the automatic creation of release lists and the analysis of dependencies between deployment artifacts, significantly reduce potential sources of error.

Please visit the product page for a detailed description of what IDem can do for you.