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"Compliance" and "risk management" are of central importance to you when it comes to your IT infrastructure. Software deployment has a significant impact on your IT infrastructure. We offer a solution that combines a standardized approach with flexible process steps. Your advantage: sustainable increases in transparency, efficiency and reliability.

Compliance and Efficiency

You are responsible for your company’s IT systems and you want more security and reliability with regards to release management. This includes all the actions that are carried out before, during and after software deployment, regardless of whether they are executed by an internal division or performed by external service providers.

You must ensure and demonstrate that every software deployment follows a set process and that no unauthorized, unplanned or malicious changes can be carried out in the system. These requirements may be the result of laws and regulations or may arise from company guidelines.

ID environment manager puts you in position to simultaneously master these challenges and achieve a high degree of transparency and traceability.

Please visit the product page for a detailed description of what IDem can do for you.