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You need an easy-to-operate application that supports you in your daily work and sustainably reduces your workload? We have a solution for you, regardless of whether you work in development, testing or operations. Our application solves the all-too-common problem of having to use many different tools for related tasks.

Packets and Processes

If you are searching for the right tool for distributing software, our ID environment manager is the ideal solution. Our approach to deployment is not limited to copying software or code from one directory to another: we address registration, execution, importing and much more. We always employ the methods prescribed by the respective software to ensure that your systems continue to work properly in the future.

We achieve high efficiency and secure usability by distributing only those software packages that are not yet present in the respective target environments.

You as a user will quickly learn to value the simple and intuitive controls. In just a few steps, the objects to be deployed are identified and packaged for the deployment process. Initiating and carrying out the actual deployment to the target environment(s) is also quick and easy. Any necessary environment-specific changes are also automatically performed by IDem during the deployment process.

If it becomes necessary to restore a previous version of the software, rollbacks can be performed easily and reliably.

Please visit the product page for a detailed description of what IDem can do for you.